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By Highmark |

It seems like resolutions are always about self improvement. What about home improvement? 


You can’t be a more organized person without an organized house, right? Your home could use some positive changes, too. If you are a resolution maker, here are some resolutions you should consider for next year.


Create a calendar and stick to it.

First things first, you need to plan out these resolutions. Get a calendar for your home if you don’t already have one. This will allow you to make reminders for certain resolutions.


Add The Often Missed Tasks

Put the important check ups you should do throughout the year on your calendar. Tasks like checking your smoke detectors shouldn’t be skipped. Try to think back to things you missed this past year. Were you scrambling to winterize your sprinklers before the frost hit? Did you forget to fertilize? Putting these things on your calendar will help you stay organized throughout the year.


For the rest of this article, write down the resolutions you want to have for your home and plan them out accordingly!


Create a weekly system to keep your home clean.

While we are still on the topic of planning, one resolution you can make for the next year is to follow a weekly cleaning system. This can be as simple as designating Mondays for laundry and Thursdays for cleaning your floors. If you only vacuum your carpet every couple of months, you may want to try this resolution for next year.


Better maintain your appliances.

Your appliances are investments. Try to use and clean them properly. If an appliance is old or finicky, think about upgrading to new, more efficient appliances sometime during the new year. You might think you are saving money by keeping your old appliances, but they could be costing your more than you think. If you have newer appliances, do you have a repair plan? If you don’t have an appliance repair plan, it may be worth it to get one. Appliances can be costly to fix, while a repair plan will cover common breakdowns.


Make more energy efficient choices.

You don’t have to spend thousands on solar panels and high-efficiency appliances. You can focus on smaller ways to conserve energy. For example, you can change all of your light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs typically use about 25-80% less energy than traditional light bulbs and they last at least 3 times longer. Replacing your bulbs may not seem like a huge energy efficient change, but the small savings add up.

Plugged-in appliances are another thing that can add up over time. They account for 5-10% of your electricity bill. Here are some of the worst offenders; try to keep these unplugged when you aren’t using them:

  • Desktop Computers and Laptops (including the charger)

  • Toasters

  • Microwaves

  • Lamps

  • Coffeemakers

  • TVs

  • Phone or Tablet Chargers

  • DVD Player

Power strips are a great alternative to constantly plugging things in and out.


Get rid of clutter.

This is a common resolution people make. Decluttering your home first is a solid start to staying organized in other areas of your life. Pick a day to assess your possessions. Take inventory of your appliances, clothes, and furniture. When was the last time you used each item?

Sell or donate the things you don’t use anymore. If a garage sale sounds exhausting, there are plenty of websites and apps that will help you sell your items. Or, if you are still in the giving season, you can donate your items. Either way, you’ll have less items and you will start to see the benefits of a clutter-free home.


Check your exterior every season.

This seems like a no brainer, but some people forget to do this. Checking your exterior is important, because you can see warning signs right away.

Here a few things you should do after every season:

  • Inspect your roof and replace any missing or damaged shingles.

  • Look at your gutters for holes, cracks or sags.

  • Check your windows. Make sure they have no gaps or moisture trapped between panes.

  • Pressure wash your house, deck, and driveway. (More like once a year)



Deep clean more often.

Try to deep clean more often next year. Clean your carpets by renting a cleaning machine or hiring a professional from your local hardware store. Make sure to clean out your vents and air ducts, especially if someone in your home is sensitive to pet hair and/or dust. As mentioned earlier, give your appliances some love and care by cleaning them out regularly. The fridge, your oven, and the dishwasher will all perform better if you clean them often.


Make your home safer.

Everyone wants a safe home. If you don’t have an alarm system, consider getting one in 2016. There are alarm systems with cameras that are quite affordable nowadays. You can look through the cameras while you are away from home using an app and receive alerts if there is any unwanted movement.

As for safety inside of your home, check all of your cords for any exposed wires. If you have young children make sure medications and chemicals are placed in an out of reach area. Lastly, make sure you have fire extinguishers and escape ladders for upper level bedrooms.

Dream Home Kitchen MN.jpg


Promise yourself treats.

This is a fun resolution. Think about what you want to add to your home. Do you want to finally get those granite counter tops you’ve been dreaming of? Try to work out a budget to get the upgrades you want.

We hope you (and your home) have an amazing 2016! Here is to a year of less clutter, less breakdowns, and more savings! If you have a resolution for your home that wasn’t mentioned, let us know! We would love to hear about it.


Ready to make your dream home come to life in 2016? Let us help! Highmark Builders specializes in custom homes.

Call us today at (952) 882-8904 or fill out a contact form.