Mudrooms and Laundry:


Once people have a mudroom they tend to wonder how they ever get along without one. Part organization, part storage, and part transition between your home and the larger world, the mudroom keeps your living spaces cleaner and clutter-free.

Design is key, with a place for everything and everything in its place. With built-ins and smart planning, Highmark Builders understands that even a small space can have a big impact on your home’s character and value. 

Laundry rooms

Laundry rooms are often incorporated into the mudroom so that dirty sports gear and more can go straight into the washer without being dragged through the house.

Many homeowners prefer the laundry near the bedrooms, and in older homes, the basement is often the location that makes the most sense. Wherever it is, we'll make it a room you'll actually love, with space for folding clothes, storing supplies and anything else you might desire.

This is the perfect place for you to see some of our work and get a few laundry room or mudroom remodeling ideas.

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