Custom home construction is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most. The more educated and prepared you are, the easier the process can be. Happy planning!

A few questions to ask:

  • Create a solid design. What is the function of this home? Is it a summer getaway that you may sell one day? Or, is it a home that you will grow old in. Plan for the present and the future.
  • Make sure your lifestyle can handle the process of building a new home. Building a house can take a while. so make sure your family and your pocketbook are stable.
  • Come up with a system to organize and keep track of everything. Staying organized will save your sanity.
  • Does every room have a purpose? Don’t just build a room to have it there. Make sure to optimize the space in your new home.
  • Find a team that you feel comfortable with. Don’t your dreams of building your own house into the hands of someone you don’t trust. Sit down with the people who will be working with you and get to know them.
  • Inspect the ground you want to build on and the rules that come with it. There are laws and codes that your house will have to meet. The faster you understand those requirements, the better.
  • Do your homework and prepare to spend your money. Building a house isn’t cheap, but it is worth it. Don’t be caught off-guard by a surprise expense. The more you know about the home building process, the better off you will be.
  • Keep around 10% of your budget for unexpected expenses.
  • Don’t forget about landscaping. Building your house is the main project. But have an idea of what you would like the entire lot to look like.
  • Create a list of what you want and how bad you want it. Is granite a must-have that your are going to splurge on? Decide this now to help you sort things out later.

Next, consider these smaller details:


  • The width of your hallways
  • Electrical switches and outlets
  • Ceiling heights
  • The way your doors swing
  • Do you want Energy Star certified things?
  • Check any underground pipes
  • The lightening of your home, both natural and artificial
  • Make sure you have enough storage for everything. TIP: This is your chance for custom storage!
  • Remember outlets can come with USB ports now
  • Any interior design ideas?


  • Are your bedrooms away from noisy areas?
  • Place enough outlets in the room

Living Room

  • Will the living room be open to the kitchen?
  • Have an idea of your entertainment system setup
  • Is there a playroom for the kids?
  • Work and play space for adults


  • Where is your mudroom or entryway?
  • Washer and dryer placement
  • Planned out HVAC
  • Chandelier
  • Double Doors?
  • Do you want a calendar/desk/organization station?
  • Central vacuum system?
  • Utility room space


  • Safety features for children
  • Plan out an area for pet things
  • A Safe room for emergencies
  • Dimmer switches
  • Understairs storage


  • Do you have enough storage space?
  • Consider the lighting in your closet. TIP: Motion sensor lights are awesome.
  • Outlets
  • Built-in storage racks
  • What are the closets used for in each room TIP: Cleaning items closet?


  • Outlets in your cabinets
  • What type of finishes do you want
  • Flooring
  • Heated tiles for cold mornings
  • Efficient toilet
  • Consider your shower head height


  • Grill placement
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Where are sidewalks, porches, decks, or patios?
  • Outlets and faucets
  • What type of outdoor lighting do you want? TIP: Don’t forget motion sensors here too!
  • Furniture
  • An irrigation system
  • Where is your garage? Can it withstand high traffic?
  • Backyard cinema


  • Big appliances placement
  • Do you want an island? Will storage be in it?
  • Materials and finishes you want
  • Fridge in the cabinets or jutting out?
  • Charging hub for phones and tablets
  • Pantry space
  • Wine/beer storage
  • Size of your dining table
  • Radio, TV, speakers
  • Installing lights under cabinets to light up your counters
  • Is the kitchen near the entrance? Think about bringing in the groceries!

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